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In response to the significant increase in international and domestic passenger traffic at Mus Airport in South East Turkey, DHMI has appointed GMW MIMARLIK to design a new 10,000sqm terminal.

Processing of all arriving and departing passengers take place at ground level, which has been designed to achieve the optimum efficiency of circulation. Provision is made in the layout for the segregation of domestic and international passengers. There is also a narrow strip of mezzanine level accommodation for offices and technical areas.

The simple form of the terminal building is functional and responds to its specific environmental context. The predominantly metal clad external envelope seamlessly unifies the perimeter walls and the large expanse of roof surface. The fully glazed external walls, along both the landside and the airside, provide transparency and daylight to the generously proportioned building interior and have been articulated to reflect the different functions within. Especially mindful of the harsh winters with long periods of snow cover, the main drive for the roof design has been to avoid excessive build up of snow and thus to minimize maintenance.