Antbel Tourism Investment Co.


40.000 sqm.


5* 1,200 bed resort hotel, self-contained villas, conference center, sports and leisure


IC green Palace, owned and operated by our Clients, Ictas Group of Companies, is a 1200 bed, 5 Star resort hotel in Antalya, one of the prime holiday destinations in the Turkish Mediterranean.
Primary design objective has been to create a leisure environment sensitively integrated with the 55,000 m2 woodland site which is separated from the shoreline by a 100m deep sandy beach. All building blocks overlook large areas of landscaping with artificial lakes and swimming pools.
Series of pitch roofs, varying in scale and cascading down to the large landscaped gardens soften the visual impact of the built form. Building elevations are articulated by roof projections, balcony structures and
vertical towers casting shadows of varying depths. The external appearance of the complex displays several references to ‘tropical architecture’.
Hotel rooms are arranged in four separate linear building blocks on five levels and a cluster of individual villa type accommodation on two to three floors. A three storey high separate block at the centre of the development provides lobby space interconnected with a conference centre, restaurants, health and fitness centre, shops and other common spaces at lower levels. Vertical circulation and service towers are located at the intersection between building blocks.